Corsican Ice Cream

7 More Minutes. Lifestyle, travel and fashion blog by Alyona Prykhodko. Corsican Ice Cream. Travel. Corsica, France. Summer 2015.

Time: 4 hours and 22 minutes

It's over. Summer I mean. Hopefully I will be able to close the shop and go home to London (and more importantly: stay at home). But for now, let me reminisce and share the photos from our visit to Corsica. Sardinia, where I was pretending to work, is only 11 minutes from the French Island of Corsica. Even lazy souls like us had no excuse: we had to go. The island is beautiful, but my fondest memory has to be our lunch there. Despite the three months in Italy, it was the tastiest pasta

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Shipwrecked. 7 More Minutes. London fashion blog by Alyona Prykhodko. Personal Style. London. Thailand. Alyona is wearing dress by Natasha Zinko.

Getting Ready Time: 19 minutes. 14 of which I spent on trying to artfully arrange my hair, before I finally gave up and put it up in a pony tail.

Those of you who follow me on instagram, probably recognize this dress from the trip to Thailand last winter. But is there anything that embodies the spirit of sea, sun and sand more than stripes? From Ibiza parties that last way into the morning to being washed up on a desert island (do Maldives count as a desert island?), stripes will always look and feel appropriate. All you need to

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Interstellar. 7 More Minutes. London fashion blog by Alyona Prykhodko. Daily fashion. London. Alyona is wearing jumsuit by Stella McCartney, bag by Fendi, boots by Dior, jewellery by Sybarite.

Getting Ready Time: It is rather embarrasing, but it has been so long since this look has been shot, that I don't remember...

Right. Due to the overwhelming amount of travel, work and me being lazy lack of proper Internet I have been abandoning my blog a little bit. What’s worse- I have quite a lot of content almost (!) ready to go. And while this particular look has been waiting on the shelf for a couple of months- it’s never a bad time for a jumpsuit. Especially if it’s by Stella McCartney. And especially if it’s

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Rustic Roads

7 More Minutes. London fashion blog by Alyona Prykhodko. Rustic Roads. Holiday look. Mediterranean Summer. Alyona is wearing shorts and top by Altuzarra, bag by Chanel, sandals and sunglasses by Prada, bracelet by Saint Laurant.

Getting Ready Time: 7 minutes. Can you believe it?! I actually did it in 7 minutes!

This outfit is a living refute of ‘if you haven’t worn it for a year- get rid of it’ rule. I bought this little number during a holiday in Miami well over a year ago and I am ashamed to admit that I only worn it a couple of times once, before I dug it out a couple of month ago, ahead of my relocation to Italy. And let’s just say I have worn it enough for it to start to fall

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Chaising The Sunset. Santorini

Alyona Prykhodko, travel blog,Chaising The Sunset. Santorini, Greece, Алена Приходько, 7 more minutes, 7moreminutes

Time: 4 days

It is surprisingly hard to write a travel post. Of course, I could write a hundred mile long entry and tell you every single delicious detail of our trip (in fact originally I planned to do exactly that), but since I think that knowing too much about the place you are going to might just ruin it... I won't :). Besides, there are thousands of places where you can read about the black sand beaches, the ancient city ruins and the breathtaking sunsets of Oia. In fact, I would be very surprised if you haven't herd about it

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