Fashion and Frostbite

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Getting Ready Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes.

Omg. Sunshine! Can you believe it?!

After weeks and weeks of misery we finally managed to hustle up some sun rays (quite frankly hell must have froze over). And of course everyone immediately started to strip down (who cares that it's only 6°C?! ...hey, as long as there is sunshine...). And although I had to put on about 3,141,592,653,589 layers to protect myself from hypothermia (thermal underwear anyone?), sometimes it's just nice not to have to wear a heavy coat. Especially since I recently decided to upgrade my

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How our event ended up in Vogue

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Time to prepare the event: 3 months, 2 days and about 1,000,000 dead brain cells.

As you know aside from blogging I also hold a position of a managing director at Sybarite (oh so, very busy and important). And you see, recently I discovered a big difference between holding a jewellry event and going to one... The thought of what I was going to wear never really registered. Not once. Moreover, the fact that I DO NOT HAVE A DRESS hit me in a middle of the night a day before…

It took us three month to prepare

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One Thing To Buy This Winter

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Getting Ready Time: 31 minutes.

If you could only buy one thing this winter, what would it be? Personally, I am going all in for embellishment. More subtle and grown up than glitter, but still very festive. There are so many amazing pieces right now, that the only problem I ran into is too much choice! And after debating for days between the emerald green Pinko dress, gold Pucci jacket and this stunning Dolce bag, I decided to be practical and get a bag (lets face it: I will get much more use out of it, then out of anything

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