Back to School

Alyona Prykhodko, 7 more minutes, 7moreminutes, fashion, fashion blog, blogger, london, style, street style, sybarite jewellery

Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes. Finding the right lipstick was the hardest. It took me almost 20 minutes and I ended up layering 3 different colours. I call it perfectionism. My friends call it OCD. Ok, ok! I know school has started ages ago. We are practically entering another holiday
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M'Oda 'Operandi

Alyona Prykhodko, 7 more minutes, Moda Operandi, Sybarite Jewellery,Sybarite, 7moreminutes

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that aside from blogging (and shopping) I have another job in jewellery (this is why my blogging becomes a little irregular from time to time). And recently I have been working on a little private trunkshow for Moda
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Garden Cosy

7 more minutes, 7moreminutes, Alyona Prykhodko, fashion, style, personal style blog, sybarite, london

Time: 42 minutes (including 5 changes of shoes) For the last couple of days the weather in London was not the best. And quite frankly I LOVE it. Don’t get me wrong- I am a big fan of the summer heat. Laying by the pool with a Margarita freshly
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