Summer Haze

Alyona Prykhodko, 7 more minutes, 7moreminutes, fashion, fashion blog, london, style, charlotte olympia, heels Time: 20 minutes flat (personal best!)

My holiday is coming up in less than a week. And I just cannot wait! I will be lounging on the beach, wearing breezy kaftans and sipping Sangria from glass jars decorated with fruit...

My mind has been so preoccupied with those thoughts that

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Fashion and Agriculture

Alyona Prykhodko, sunflowers, 7 more minutes, Ukraine, Odessa, fashion, nature, home

Time: 40 minutes (+1 hour, 30 minutes to wash out the pollen stains).

There is never enough time, when it comes to Odessa. Every time I go back home, I try to fit all the things I want to do in a short period of a week (or two), and

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Fashion Mistakes

Alyona Prykhodko, fashion, style, streetstyle, blog, 7moreminutes, 7 more minutes, shopping, fashion mistakes

Time: 42 minutes

Occasion shopping. As I have eventually learned (by repeating this mistake over and over and over… and over) it is not a good idea. Deadline+ adrenaline= rushed decisions = stupid decisions. I have bought jackets for job interviews, shoes for first dates, dresses for birthdays… only to try

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