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7 More Minutes


Chasing The Sunset

Travel Time: 4 days was just enough.

It is surprisingly hard to write a travel post. Of course, I could write a hundred mile long entry and tell you every single detail of our trip to Santorini, but since I think that knowing too much about the place you are going to might just ruin it… I won’t. Besides, there are thousands of places where you can read about the black sand beaches, the ancient city ruins and the breathtaking sunsets of Oia. In fact, I would be very surprised if you haven’t heard about it a dozen times it already. So instead, let me tell you about some of my favourite highlights:

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Control Your Stripes

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour and 21 minutes. Perfecting colour coordination and a perfect red lip take time.

Recently I started to get the feeling that I am losing touch with reality. The constant kaleidoscope of work, travel, wedding prep, etc. Maddening! It turns out that it doesn’t take much more than that to turn a sane woman (ok, maybe relatively sane) into a raging maniac with homicidal tendencies. But funnily enough, whenever I start feeling like I have lost my mind, I start paying a lot of extra attention to my clothes.

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Getting Ready Time: 17 minutes.

It’s starting to feel like the entire world has been flooded by ‘transitioning’ advice (the weather kind, not the gender reassignment). I keep seeing cosy sweaters paired up with cute summer dresses, suede jackets with opened toed booties, colourful sandals with patterned socks. Which is lovely. Amazing. But it’s just so annoying.

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Getting Ready Time: 29 minutes. A great thing about tuxedos- they are easy and fast.

I doubt that there is anything that will make you look as cool as a tuxedo. From James Bond to Marlene Dietrich and Angelina Jolie it is impossible to outdo it. Nothing even comes close. Sure, a slinky silk dress is certainly sexy, but a good tux has a personality of its own.

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The Tricky Trend

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour, 59 minutes.

This title of this post should have been: ‘How to be an hour late and piss off your friends’. I have spoken about the ease of black and white colour palette here, but let me tell you this: add a pair of flatforms to the mix, and you can throw your entire schedule out of the window.

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A Pop Of Colour This February

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour, 39 minutes.

Ok, I know this colour combination might seem a little mad, but I’m sticking to my choice. It’s bright, bold and more than a little exciting. And with all the greyness of February, I want to celebrate the beginning of March with a proper pop of colour. I am no longer willing to wait for spring with all the birds, bees and most importantly: lighter jackets.

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