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7 More Minutes

Why You Should Spend Your Monday In PJs

Ultimate Guy Magnet

Getting Ready Time: 20 minutes. But you have to keep your PJs ironed at all times. Otherwise, you will need extra 15 min for ironing. This is not a trend you can get away being lazy with. ‘Rolled out of bed’ creases will make you look, well… like you just rolled out of bed.

I always have like a good pair of pyjamas. And I am not talking about a sexy little chemise here. I mean a traditional full coverage, sex-is-off-the-table kind. Shirt with the trousers on.

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A Story Of The Chloe Blouse.

How To Transition Your Summer Look For Fall.

Getting Ready Time: 47 minutes. As it turns out, short hair doesn’t always mean less maintenance.

I have abandonment issues. Summer is leaving us, yet I am not yet ready to say goodbye. Just like a needy psychotic ex-girlfriend, not willing to admit that the relationship is over, I am clinging to the last remaining rays of the sunshine[1].

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Corsican Ice Cream

Between Italy and France

Travel Time: 4 hours and 22 minutes.

It’s over. Summer I mean. Hopefully, I will be able to close the shop and go home to London (and more importantly: stay at home). But for now, let me reminisce and share the photos from our visit to Corsica. Sardinia, where I was pretending to work, is only 11 minutes from the French Island of Corsica. Even lazy souls like us had no excuse: we had to go.

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Shipwrecked in Thailand

Getting Ready Time: 19 minutes. 14 of which I spent on trying to artfully arrange my hair before I finally gave up and put it up in a ponytail.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, probably recognise this dress from my trip to Thailand last winter. But is there anything that embodies the spirit of sea, sun and sand more than stripes?

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Chasing The Sunset

Travel Time: 4 days was just enough.

It is surprisingly hard to write a travel post. Of course, I could write a hundred mile long entry and tell you every single detail of our trip to Santorini, but since I think that knowing too much about the place you are going to might just ruin it… I won’t. Besides, there are thousands of places where you can read about the black sand beaches, the ancient city ruins and the breathtaking sunsets of Oia. In fact, I would be very surprised if you haven’t heard about it a dozen times it already. So instead, let me tell you about some of my favourite highlights:

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Control Your Stripes

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour and 21 minutes. Perfecting colour coordination and a perfect red lip take time.

Recently I started to get the feeling that I am losing touch with reality. The constant kaleidoscope of work, travel, wedding prep, etc. Maddening! It turns out that it doesn’t take much more than that to turn a sane woman (ok, maybe relatively sane) into a raging maniac with homicidal tendencies. But funnily enough, whenever I start feeling like I have lost my mind, I start paying a lot of extra attention to my clothes.

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Getting Ready Time: 17 minutes.

It’s starting to feel like the entire world has been flooded by ‘transitioning’ advice (the weather kind, not the gender reassignment). I keep seeing cosy sweaters paired up with cute summer dresses, suede jackets with opened toed booties, colourful sandals with patterned socks. Which is lovely. Amazing. But it’s just so annoying.

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Getting Ready Time: 29 minutes. A great thing about tuxedos- they are easy and fast.

I doubt that there is anything that will make you look as cool as a tuxedo. From James Bond to Marlene Dietrich and Angelina Jolie it is impossible to outdo it. Nothing even comes close. Sure, a slinky silk dress is certainly sexy, but a good tux has a personality of its own.

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The Tricky Trend

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour, 59 minutes.

This title of this post should have been: ‘How to be an hour late and piss off your friends’. I have spoken about the ease of black and white colour palette here, but let me tell you this: add a pair of flatforms to the mix, and you can throw your entire schedule out of the window.

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A Pop Of Colour This February

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour, 39 minutes.

Ok, I know this colour combination might seem a little mad, but I’m sticking to my choice. It’s bright, bold and more than a little exciting. And with all the greyness of February, I want to celebrate the beginning of March with a proper pop of colour. I am no longer willing to wait for spring with all the birds, bees and most importantly: lighter jackets.

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