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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Do You Know What Type of Blazer Is Best For Your Body Shape?

Getting Ready Time: about eternity. It’s not easy to get ready, when all your clothes are at the dry cleaners.

Last week I started to give some serious thought to my fall-winter wardrobe. The summer sale season is officially over, and fall collections are finally in the stores, so now is the perfect time to start shopping for next season. And since these days I try to be a lot more strategic in my shopping[1], it makes sense to think in advance about what I want to purchase for this autumn.

I will show you my fall shopping list a little later. For now, I just want to talk about the most essential staple of any girls September shopping list: a great blazer.

For me, a blazer is a must-have item. No matter what the occasion, it always works. You can wear it to work, you can wear it to Sunday brunch, you can wear it to a party. You can even wear it to a wedding (even if it’s your own).  Bianca Jagger in the 70s… Anyone? All you need is the right type of blazer.

Yet, walking the streets of London, I am constantly confronted by the fact, that not everyone knows that different body types require an utterly different blazer shape. We tend to look at how a blazer fits across the back and sits on the shoulders, but few of us know how to use the lengths and the cut of the blazer for the most flattering effect. While it is true that a blazer is flattering to everyone, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. So, I thought that I should share a little guide on how to find your Perfect Blazer.

Perfect Blazer Guide

There are five basic female body shapes: hourglass, strawberry, pear, apple and banana. Knowing your body shape is the one thing you need, to help you shop for the most flattering blazer cut. And all you need to figure out your body shape is a full-length mirror and these notes below.

  • Hourglass:

You are an hourglass if your hips and bust are the same widths, and you have a clearly defined small waist.  Think Marylin Monroe in ‘Some Like It Hot’ and Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Blazer Recommendations:

If you are an hourglass, fitted tailoring is everything to you. You must, MUST go for a blazer with a clearly defined waistline that emphasises your curves. Anything straight or baggy will make you appear bigger and considerably broader than you are. You can also add a thin belt to help accentuate your waist.

Top Picks:

I love this classic black blazer with a hint leopard from Zara here. This incredibly sexy evening option by Emilio De La Morena from The Box Boutique here. And a Balmain-esque version by Veronica Beard here.

  • Strawberry:

You are a strawberry if you have broad shoulders and chest, full bust, slim waist and narrow hips.

Blazer Recommendations:

If you are a strawberry, go for a semi-fitted blazer that goes in at the waist and flares out at the hip. Accentuating your hips will make your shoulders look smaller, and your figure will look more proportioned. Narrow lapels and minimal details will work best, as it will make your shoulders appear narrower. Like an hourglass, you should avoid straight cuts, as it will make you look bigger than you are.

Top Picks:

This Jacquemus blazer is simply a dream come true. I also love this Jonathan Simkhai version from Moda Operandi here (pinstripe blazer with a peplum or basque will always have a flattering effect) and a sunny yellow version by Zara here.

  • Pear:

You are a pear if your hips are wider than your bust. Think very much Kim K. Another way to tell that you are a pear is that when you gain weight, you gain it mostly on your lower body, leaving your upper half skinny and narrow.

Blazer Recommendations:

Go for either a long (below the hip) straight silhouette with a structured, exaggerated shoulder (like the one I am wearing in the photos) or a tailored one which nips in at the waist. Either way, stick to a structured shoulder. Soft, slouchy shoulder will make your hips appear wider in comparison, which is something you want to avoid.  Sleeves with print or any other details will help to draw attention away from your hips. Another tip: stay away for narrow lapels, as they will make your shoulders look narrower (which makes your hips wider in proportion).

Top Picks:

Luckily for you, straight silhouettes with solid shoulders are very much in fashion right now, so you have hundreds of options to choose from. I especially love this polka dot one by Asos, this navy corduroy by Ganni and this grey classic checked one by Maje.

  • Apple:

You are an apple if your bust and hips are approximately the same widths, but you do not have a defined waistline. Even the skinniest of apple shaped girls usually do not have a narrow waist. On the plus side, you do have legs to die for (something I will be forever jealous off) and can rock a miniskirt like no one else.

Blazer Recommendations:

Think long. If you are an apple, cropped jackets and blazers will only emphasise your lack of waist. Your ideal blazer will hit you mid-thigh. I would recommend going for a straight, single-breasted jacket with buttons that start below the bust. Another little tip: wearing your blazer unbuttoned will create an illusion of a small waist.

Top Picks:

This pink checked blazer by Ganni will attract attention to all the right places (especially if you pair it with a mini skirt or a pair of skinny jeans). I also love this pink one by Zara and this cream tailored one by Blaze Milano.

  • Banana:

You are a banana if you have a relatively straight and narrow silhouette, with your hips and bust being roughly the same width. Your hips and shoulders are quite small, and the contrast between the waist and hips is not dramatic. This body shape also sometimes known as ‘athletic’ or ‘slender’. And if you do gain weight, it tends to be evenly distributed across your entire body.

Blazer Recommendations:

Lucky you! When it comes to blazers, you can take your pick. Pretty much any shape will suit you.

Top Picks:

This cream corduroy blazer by Bella Freud is my personal favourite and right at the top of my shopping list for September. I also love this classic back-to-school design by Zara and this oversized tartan dream by Tibi.


[1] ‘Cos it’s just nice to be able to afford food throughout the entire month and not just in the first two days post salary.

7 More Minutes. Fashion and travel blog by Alyona Gasimova. Perfect Fit. Do You Know What Type of Blazer Is Best For Your Body Shape? 7 More Minutes. Fashion and travel blog by Alyona Gasimova. Perfect Fit. Do You Know What Type of Blazer Is Best For Your Body Shape? 7 More Minutes. Fashion and travel blog by Alyona Gasimova. Perfect Fit. Do You Know What Type of Blazer Is Best For Your Body Shape? 7 More Minutes. Fashion and travel blog by Alyona Gasimova. Perfect Fit. Do You Know What Type of Blazer Is Best For Your Body Shape? 7 More Minutes. Fashion and travel blog by Alyona Gasimova. Perfect Fit. Do You Know What Type of Blazer Is Best For Your Body Shape?

I’m wearing: blazer by Arwa Al Banawi from my favourite The Box Boutique, silk cami underneath by Cami NYC, Zara jeans, Balenciaga bag, Gianvito Rossi sandals, micro cat-eye sunglasses by George Keburia also from The Box Boutique and earring from Kenneth Jay Lane. 

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